Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Buck Shelton

Buck Shelton is good at skateboarding. Always ready to go.

Just a Peek

random exposures by colin walsh.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Burnside Halloween 2010.

Here is a video that my friend shot and I edited, short and sweet, enjoy.
Burnside Oregon Halloween 2010. 20th Anniversary.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The 999 pool or the scum bucket

This was not the best pool in the world but its better then the skatepark in town. My friend told me about this pool and I went and emptied it. Lots of nasty water and some frogs got removed out of the bottom. No dead animals in this one.. kinda strange. well there are no pictures of us skating it, so this is it, the most radical maneuver that went down was marlins drop in on the corner and thats about it. I snagged the pool rules sign after they filled it in, its a cool sign with hand painted letters. next time I am home I will take a picture of it. It hangs above our empty and non skate-able hot tub. Dont get me wrong I love Oregon, moving up here was the best thing that ever happened to me. But, I miss the sun and my family, my dog henry, the beach, old friends. I can not wait to move back home, I will always love Oregon, always, its is so green and everyone up here for the most part are really really nice people. Californians are assholes X 10 and + 1, but i like some of those assholes and some of those assholes are my good friends and family, Oregonians really hate on the people south of them but after living here for 5 years the only difference between the two is that Californians use umbrellas and Oregonians dont. Well this turned out a little off topic, but i dont give a fucking shit, this is my little space in the internet and I can say whatever the fuck I want, I can even take a picture of my penis and post it on here. I might just do that, except he is camera shy. I like California and I plan on moving back once I finish school. although, I am afraid of all the traffic, sweet jesus go I hate traffic. Oh, and for some reason people really like the dirty beer can picture, I have made about 150$ from that photo, most money I have ever made from a photograph. Done.

emptied, repaired and skated.

top: Buck Shelton
bottom: Chris James, Buck and Marlin

Kevin sneaks in a grind on the repaired coping that BMXer kids blasted out.

I am planning on putting up more and more pictures on this blog, I am afraid that my computer might crash, get stolen, or burn in a fire. So, I am putting my images online so they are "safe" and ideally can not be destroyed. This was a very fun pool "the666pool" I wish it was still skate-able. People put some serious $$ into fixing this place up and it is once again a swimming pool. I am sure their fun wont last and it will be skated in the near future. Where is it? Shit if I know. I skated this pool because of Buck Shelton, who is pictured on the brick wall in Rio Del Mar Beach. Buck is going through some hard times, I wish I was home to help him out, I miss you Buck, I hope you can get help and get back to your self.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy 20th Birthday Burnside

Burnside is the oldest Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) skate park in the United States and possibly the world. This Halloween I was lucky enough to partake and enjoy the 20 year celebration of the park. This skate park began its form during one Halloween night 20 years ago. Almost every following Halloween there has been some kind of gathering and skating at the park to celebrate its creation and existence. And this year was no exception, there was live music, interesting costumes (gay hitler to a giant sperm), beer, skating, a ball of fire, can toss, fireworks, a mummified creature, scantly dressed women , beer, oh, and some radical skateboard maneuvers were performed also. I was a little too caught up in the moment to actually take some decent pictures, but you win some and you lose some. I would estimate that by the time I left around 7:45 p.m. there were around 100-200 people enjoying the festivities.

People form all over the world know of Burnside, not for the bridge but for what is underneath it. And underneath this bridge is known to be one of the best skate parks in the world. This park was founded by Mark Scott, Bret Taylor, Sage Bolyard, and Osage Buffulo and countless others that voluntered their blood, sweat, time and money into this ongoing project. It is very impressive that a group of individuals took it upon themselves to create and maintain a skate park that was not sanctioned by the city until recent years. Burnside has sparked many other similar projects large and small such as FDR in Philadelphia, Washington Street in California and countless other spots. But, none of these spots will ever have the reputation as Burnside does. Burnside is privately funded and relies on donations to keep maintained and growing. If you would like to donate to Burnside please hit the donate button below.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shot of the Week on

I am super stoked that someone noticed my picture and thought of putting it on a web site. Well check it out, its a great skateboard culture web site.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun times back home.

These are pictures of good times back home is Rio Del Mar and surrounding areas. ENJOY!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Zarosh, Miguel, Brandon "Taco"

These are some pictures of the Buena Vista pool in Watsonville California. This pool has been skated since 1975 and has seen dirt, rocks, water and all other kinds of trash, yet skaters still empty the pool year after to skate. This pool is a piece of skateboard history and has been graced by the best skaters

since the birth of professional skateboarding. I am glad I was able to skate a pool that may not be there tomorrow. Buena Lives.

Im a blogger?

Well I have attempted the whole blog idea before, but failed. Now I am required to blog and I have no choice but to blog, blog and blog. The class I am taking is a New Media Communication class at Oregon State University, not only do we have to blog we have to twitter. I am scared. This is a lot of stuff getting thrown at "a low tech guy in a high tech world". I don't even have text messaging on my phone, how will I twitter or tweet. I am sure that all this will be figured out, It is just scary to think about how much information is available on a cell phone. I don't have the extra cash for text messaging, and i don't really see a need for it. A phone should be used for phone calls not facebooking and whatever else people do, it seems that everyone cares what other people are doing too much. There are people out there that can research me and "find" me on facebook, I dont want people to find me or know what im doing unless I feel that they need to know. The internet is a scary tool, I think we all need to take a step back and not forward, chill people chill. I will leave this post with what I think is the most popular saying among todays youth "just text me.........."