Monday, November 8, 2010

emptied, repaired and skated.

top: Buck Shelton
bottom: Chris James, Buck and Marlin

Kevin sneaks in a grind on the repaired coping that BMXer kids blasted out.

I am planning on putting up more and more pictures on this blog, I am afraid that my computer might crash, get stolen, or burn in a fire. So, I am putting my images online so they are "safe" and ideally can not be destroyed. This was a very fun pool "the666pool" I wish it was still skate-able. People put some serious $$ into fixing this place up and it is once again a swimming pool. I am sure their fun wont last and it will be skated in the near future. Where is it? Shit if I know. I skated this pool because of Buck Shelton, who is pictured on the brick wall in Rio Del Mar Beach. Buck is going through some hard times, I wish I was home to help him out, I miss you Buck, I hope you can get help and get back to your self.

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