Monday, November 8, 2010

The 999 pool or the scum bucket

This was not the best pool in the world but its better then the skatepark in town. My friend told me about this pool and I went and emptied it. Lots of nasty water and some frogs got removed out of the bottom. No dead animals in this one.. kinda strange. well there are no pictures of us skating it, so this is it, the most radical maneuver that went down was marlins drop in on the corner and thats about it. I snagged the pool rules sign after they filled it in, its a cool sign with hand painted letters. next time I am home I will take a picture of it. It hangs above our empty and non skate-able hot tub. Dont get me wrong I love Oregon, moving up here was the best thing that ever happened to me. But, I miss the sun and my family, my dog henry, the beach, old friends. I can not wait to move back home, I will always love Oregon, always, its is so green and everyone up here for the most part are really really nice people. Californians are assholes X 10 and + 1, but i like some of those assholes and some of those assholes are my good friends and family, Oregonians really hate on the people south of them but after living here for 5 years the only difference between the two is that Californians use umbrellas and Oregonians dont. Well this turned out a little off topic, but i dont give a fucking shit, this is my little space in the internet and I can say whatever the fuck I want, I can even take a picture of my penis and post it on here. I might just do that, except he is camera shy. I like California and I plan on moving back once I finish school. although, I am afraid of all the traffic, sweet jesus go I hate traffic. Oh, and for some reason people really like the dirty beer can picture, I have made about 150$ from that photo, most money I have ever made from a photograph. Done.

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